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Discover our knee pads for sports, knee osteoarthritis, ligament and patellar injuries. Best flexible and rigid proprioceptive orthotics.

1. Take a tape measure Something flexible that measures in cms and can easily wrap around your leg.

2. Bend the leg at a 30 ° angle. Knee sleeves are designed to fit your leg when standing up straight and at the bottom of a squat. Measure the size of your leg at an angle of about 30 °.

3. Measure the circumference of the leg from about 2cm below the kneecap. The splints are designed to conform to the contour of the knee joint and the surrounding calf, quadriceps and hamstring muscles. To get the best measurement possible, you should measure the circumference of your top calf. It’s about 4cm below the middle of your kneecap.

A lower level knee brace does not have any rigid parts or braces, while a mid level knee brace has metal or plastic braces that support the knee. High level knee pads use strong metal hinges, while ultimate level knee pads have a rigid frame or can reduce the range of motion of the knee. You can find help here in our guide: Help me choose a knee brace

Are you worried or do you suffer from joint pain? Have you noticed that your knee and joint pain makes your steps heavy and heavy? If so, this pair of “alpha” spring knee braces will be a lucky star to help you out. It is a revolutionary product designed to make your daily tasks more efficient and more comfortable.

As the name suggests, these knee pads are perfect for recovering from a bad knee injury. Ideal for moderate sports activity with optimal compression / retention.

At the same time, the strong orthosis massages ligaments, tendons, muscles and connective tissue, which has a positive impact on the sensorimotor system. This helps combat the risk of stress and injury, which means the pain associated with excessive exertion subsides more quickly.

Effective protection against excessive strain: Through gentle compression, the sports knee brace improves the knee’s ability to control movement during long-term sports activities.

In severe injuries, a reinforced support knee brace, such as an articulated knee brace, gives you optimal support but limited mobility.

It is ideal for relieving pain and providing light to moderate support when staying fully active.

Knee pads have different levels of support ranging from light to high. A level 1 (light) splint is one that provides a little support, and a lot of freedom of movement.