ZXT sport knee brace




When to use the ZXT Sport Knee Brace

  • Support level:  Light to Moderate
  • Sports: team  sports Running Hiking Golf Trail
  • Product highlights:  Fabric compression
  • Functions:  Knee compression Maitien Patella
  • Pathologies:  Chronic edema Patellar tendinopathy Sprain Joint effusions and swelling

Features of the ZXT sport knee brace

SUPPORT AND STABILITY – You’ll immediately appreciate the difference. Get  quick pain relief  with less swelling pain and stiffness. Our Power Support technology improves blood transmission and comforts your muscles getting more oxygen and less lactic acid build-up so you can perform better come back faster and anticipate injuries. Check out our compression knee pads and start doing what you love again!

LIGHTWEIGHT AND BREATHABLE – Some compression sleeves are too warm too heavy or too thick. Why settle for less than the best? Our Premium ComfortFlex design provides a nice snug and ergonomic fit without cutting off your circulation or restricting your movement. Our quality is unmatched with a surprisingly delicate touch and a comfortably fit.

DOUBLE GRIP “””” NO-SLIP “””” – Stopping to adjust your knee sleeves is frustrating to say the least. Thanks to our unique double silicone grip your sleeves won’t budge no matter what you do. And since they don’t contract behind your knees you can even  wear them under your clothes . You are finally free to practice your favorite activity without stopping.

AMAZING RESULTS – With unmatched support and durability go love our knee brace for – we guarantee it. A double seam superior and sustainable composition that does not lose pressure over time you run a half marathon practice your favorite sport or just spend your day – without the throbbing pain. Take a few pairs for yourself or as a perfect gift for anyone who would like to have a little more support for their knees.





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