XCT sport knee brace




XCT sport knee brace

  • Support level:  Light to Moderate
  • Sports: team  sports Running Hiking Golf Trail
  • Product highlights:  Fabric compression Patellar massage pad
  • Functions:  Knee compression Maitien Patella
  • Pathologies:  Chronic edema Patellar tendinopathy Sprain Joint effusions and swelling Anterior pain syndrome of the knee

Features of the XCT sport knee brace

BENEFITS: Reduces inflammation / swelling pain stiffness has a warming effect for muscle recovery

SPORTS: Suitable for all sports activities that put a lot of strain on the joints such as running basketball soccer golf cycling tennis hiking volleyball skiing and more more besides.

PAIN RELIEF: Recovery aid knee runners and jumpers arthritis tendonitis

ANTI-SLIP SILICONE: stable compression during the period of gymnastics squats weight lifting yoga fitness

When to use the XCT sport knee brace

  • Mild fragility of the knee joint
  • Joint effusions
  • Post-operative inflammation 
  • Tendinopathy
  • Meniscus deformation
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome

Very effective in supporting swollen and painful knees. Improves blood circulation. Recommended for people with knee pain or who have had knee surgery and are recovering.

The even weave of these knee sleeves ensures that your kneecap joints and surrounding areas receive equal pressure .

They are perfect for all seasons and all environments indoors and outdoors!





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