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Almost everyone likes a massage after a long hard day or after a hard workout. However frequently hiring a professional masseur is expensive sometimes requiring travel and time. The only solution then remains self-massage but what type of massage roller to choose and how to do it? If you are not yet used to massaging choose the smooth or foam massage roller to start. If you are looking for a massage roller targeting deep muscles or looking for the effect of a more intense massage then go for the wooden massage roller. The presence of the three notched wheels will give you much stronger sensations.

Why use the Wood massage roller?

The use of the wood massage roller has many benefits. First of all it stimulates the energy points which is excellent for muscle recovery. It is also qualified as an anti-cellulite massage roller thanks to the points and the notched wheels present on its surface. In addition several parts of the body can be massaged with this type of roller: the back arms thighs calves feet. Like all massages the use of the wooden roller soothes the body relieves sore areas improves circulation relaxes muscles. In addition it acts quickly on pain in the feet heels. In addition its design is ideal for reflexology.

The advantages of the Wood massage roller

It is important to note that the massage with this wooden utensil is painful especially at the beginning of its use. But once you get used to this wooden massage tool you will be loyal to its use. This wooden roller with multiple virtues guarantees you relaxation well-being and above all health. This type of roller targets the deep muscles. It provides the same effects as the massage performed by the professional. In addition to being a massage tool for relaxation it performs an anti-cellulite function by breaking down the fat by moving back and forth. You can thus enjoy a reflexological and anti-cellulite massage at home without necessarily going to a massage parlor.

How do I use my Wood massage roller?

For your back hamstrings and calves

You can get a massage from a friend or family member for the massage of these parts. Using the roller the person will gently slide the roller back and forth over the parts to be massaged. The pressure he or she will exert will depend on your feelings especially for the first massage session. This wooden roller stimulates the pressure points of the back for an intense therapeutic massage and has been designed to prevent damage to the back.

For the feet

The spikes on the surface of the roller stimulate the nerve endings in the feet which in turn stimulate the internal organs of the body for better health. Depending on your feelings you can exert more or less pressure on the wooden roller. For foot massage place the roller on the floor and put your feet on it. Next roll your foot back and forth. For more relaxation and more pleasant sensations apply a body massage oil to your body. Here are some tips for using a wood massage roller properly: Start slowly then increase the pressure frequency and duration of sessions over time.

  • Avoid doing too much massage during the week.
  • Avoid putting too much pressure on a knot as this can damage tissue and hurt yourself.
  • Massaging a specific especially painful area should not exceed one minute.
  • Pay attention to your posture as you step on top of the roller.
  • If you are still a beginner in this field it is better to learn to call on a physiotherapist to show you the postures and the techniques to adopt.
  • Massage by this wooden tool is contraindicated for people with osteoporosis and pregnant women.

The characteristics of the massage roller

  • Wooden massage roller for cellulite with 3 notched wheels
  • Spa relaxation tool
  • Roller stick for self-massage of the body and limbs
  • Manual massage tool built to last
  • Therapeutic massage roller
  • Cellulite rolling stick
  • Length: 33 cm
  • Wheel: 3.5cm
  • Color: natural wood



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