Ultima sport knee brace




Ultima sport knee brace

  • Support level:  Light to Moderate
  • Sports: team  sports Running Hiking Golf Trail
  • Product highlights:  Fabric compression Patellar massage pad
  • Functions:  Knee compression Patella support
  • Pathologies:  Chronic edema Patellar tendinopathy Sprain Joint effusions and swelling Anterior pain syndrome of the knee

Features of the Ultima sport knee brace

Our compression technology provides specific targeted support and is designed to help relieve pain and reduce recovery time so you can get the most out of every workout or activity.

  • Support muscle stiffness aches and pains .
  • Reduce muscle recovery time.
  • Improve circulation and oxygenation of working muscles.
  • Help prevent tension and fatigue by keeping muscles warm.

About the Ultima Sport Knee Brace

High Quality Performance Fabric
We created our own technology by infusing copper into the fibers of selected high quality fabrics. Moisture-wicking technology keeps you dry and helps prevent breakouts and irritation.

When to use the Ultima sports orthosis

Protect your knee and thigh from pulling during sports activity reduce pain and recover faster in meniscus tear arthritis swelling tendonitis pain stiffness ACL PCL CML and other knee pain.





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