TechKnee Ligament Knee Brace




TechKnee Ligament Knee Brace

  • Support level:  Light to Moderate
  • Sports:  All Sports 
  • Product highlights:  Thermo Regulation Clima Fresh & Clima Comfort
  • Functions:  Proprioception Muscle Support
  • Pathologies:  Slight instability of the knee Meniscal lesion Ligament lesions

Features of the TechKnee Ligament Knee Brace

MORE PAIN – Ready to give up more rounds? Because the TechKnee Knee Brace uses unique targeted and anatomical compression that relieves more pain aches stiffness and swelling in the knee by targeting the right places with the right amount of pressure than any other sleeve! Note: 1 sleeve and 1 strap per package.

IMPORTANT BUT VERY COMFORTABLE SUPPORT – Designed for sports and daily performance it is light and comfortable all day long you may not even notice it is there! But at the same time it delivers the confidence stability and support you need to get through your day and your game. Without sacrificing any range of motion !

The Support You Need The Comfort You Want – With the adjustable X-Strap you can get all the support you want when you want! Adjust the strap more or less tight according to your preference. Be responsible for the comfort support and relief you get. When you want where you want!

Comfortable all day long so you won’t be distracted from your daily activities games or workouts!
Finally light support for the knees without compromising your range of motion or your comfort! Designed with protection and comfort in mind for every athlete and everyday warrior.





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