Superphysical massage roller


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Adopt the Superphysical massage roller. Anyone professionals or sports enthusiasts can face muscle pain and stiffness.

U-shaped and equipped with four notched wheels this gadget allows you to relieve yourself quickly in a few minutes of self-massage. 

Made with a very resistant material it is flexible and has a long lifespan. It is also a fitness accessory and can be used for yoga and Pilates sessions.

Why use a superphysical massage roller?

Designed to allow you to massage yourself the Superphysique massage roller effectively helps with physical performance. It accelerates muscle recovery and prevents injuries by putting “”knots”” back in place .

For those who love bodybuilding or sports requiring a lot of physical effort improve your results with the Superphysique massage roller. It helps the body to conserve physical efforts by boosting motivation and endurance.

During the warm-up sessions massaging with the roller increases the local temperature of the muscles and relaxes the fasciae by making them more mobile. Much more than at the end of a weight lifting or training session using the Superphysique massage roller is a great idea for stretching.

Besides the roller also helps to get rid of back pain muscle tension sciatica problems and body imbalances often due to bad posture.

For those with stiff and tense muscles to prevent the muscles from slacking off reduce the risk of injury by massaging yourself regularly with the Superphysique massage roller.

In addition know that this tool is also an accessory for fitness yoga Pilates . Opt for this massage roller to also reduce cellulite by massaging the important parts that you judge for yourself: thighs hip arms. More pressure results in faster results.

The advantages of the Superphysique massage roller

No need for a masseur (professional or not)! This is the whole point of the Superphysique massage roller. It is also very easy to use and also very light to take with you. This gadget is not bulky and can be taken easily anywhere in your gym bag.

Ideal for massaging the neck legs arms lower back. It is up to you to judge the points on which you wish to emphasize. Thanks to its high density this tool allows you to perform a deep massage without having to exert very strong pressure.

Even a beginner in self-massage this roller allows you to relax naturally within a few minutes of use. Using its notched wheels massage your muscles that have trouble recovering and where the aches have gone.

For anyone wishing to increase muscle recovery improve joint mobility and minimize the risk of injury self-massage with the Superphysique massage roller has been proven to be very beneficial.

How do I use my Superphysique massage roller?

All you have to do is pass the superphysical massage roller over the different parts of your body: neck leg arm focusing particularly on painful or under tension areas.

A seated position allows for a perfect self-massage of the lower limbs . This allows you to stretch while avoiding the appearance of stiffness.

For the upper part a straight position is required to prevent any false movements.

For any type of massage apply some pressure to the roller eventually tense muscles will relax tight or injured muscles will be relieved and pain will be eliminated. Each targeted point corresponds to a very distinctive exercise. With its wheels that turn 360 degrees simply make movements back and forth on the target part.

Due to its design simply order the massages you want by directing the Superphysique massage roller. The forces are thus easily directed so as to undo the knotted stitches thanks to the manipulable handwheel . It is an ally of well-being helping to release toxins accumulated in the muscles during intense exercise.

To be used 2 to 3 times per week these spike rollers ensure the best possible self-massage of all very sensitive areas of the body.

The characteristics of the superphysical massage roller

  • Three colors available: black blue and pink
  • Dimensions: 25 * 27cm
  • Weight: 325 grams
  • Materials: PP + EVA
  • Design: U-shaped roller with 04 toothed wheels. Excellent for a variety of training and rehabilitation exercises






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