RT-Secure Patellar Compression Band



RT-Secure Patellar Compression Band

  • Support level:  Light
  • Sports: Team  sports Running Hiking Water sports
  • Strengths:  Compressive neoprene lightness
  • Functions:  Prevention Patellar tendon compression
  • Pathologies:  Patellar tendonitis Osgood-Schlatter

When to use the RT-Secure Patellar Compression Band?

  • Designed to reduce stress on the patellar ligament
  • Padding compressing the area under the kneecap
  • Thin band covering only a small area of ​​the knee for optimal comfort
  • Ideal for running and trail


PERFECT FOR: Reducing symptoms of patellar tendonitis Osgood-Schlatter disease and patella tracking
– Non-slip tubular buttress applies even and constant compression to the patellar tendon

– Adjustable hook and loop closure for a custom fit

– Fits left or right leg


Why is  the RT-Secure Patellar Compression Band  a must?

– Protect your knees while exercising

– Provide support to the knee joint

– Help relieve pain and swelling of knee symptoms

– Reduce knee injuries from friction and shock

Good compression can cover completely your knees

Benefit from the following technologies:

Breathable and lightweight materials
Comfortable and stay in place
No itching for long periods
of time Thickened elastic compression pad
Full adjustable strap
Double knot
Easy to put on and take off




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