RotulaX Patellar Knee Brace



Patellar Knee Brace RotulaX

  • Maintenance level:  Moderate
  • Sports:  All Sports: Running / Trail Walking Golf …
  • Product strengths:  Lightness Compression kneecap / Quality of the fabric.
  • Functions:  Active refocusing of the patella and muscle stimulation by compression.
  • Pathologies:  TFL / Wiper syndrome Chronic instability of the patella (Patellar dysplasia) Osgood-Schlatter Meniscal lesions

Features of the RotulaX Patellar Knee Brace

The FRONT-CLOSURE DESIGN is perfect for independent patients. Ideal for the recovery of menisci and patellar lesions.

The hinges polycentric DOUBLE AX provide increased stability to the medial side (inside) and lateral (outside) of your knee which is especially useful for those suffering from wear extra weight.
The lightweight open placket design reduces pressure on your painful kneecap making this brace more breathable and flexible than a sturdy knee sleeve. A circular cut behind the knee (popliteus) prevents the orthosis from deforming when walking or bending.

The adjustable compression cover is made of premium neoprene 1/8 “””” thick which promotes heat retention and flexibility allowing a full range of motion . Perfect for exercising sitting standing working and running or sports such as volleyball soccer basketball etc.

 Natural movements with the PatellaX Patellar Knee Brace

The PatellaX Knee Brace with Side Stabilizers and Patella Gel Pads for Knee Support is committed to providing stabilizing compression and support to weak or inflamed spots for relentless knee pain relief. And prevent the knee from hurting further. It’s flexible and perfectly designed to engage all of your natural movements while healing without holding you back!

  • OPEN PADDLE DESIGN: This opening of the patella area helps reduce pressure on the sore area promoting rapid recovery from any type of knee injury.
  • PATELLA GEL PADS: which provides more and more comfort to the patella during movement.
  • FLEXIBLE STABILIZING SPRINGS: for perfect support to relieve pressure and reduce stress.
  • VELCRO BAND: which allows you to adjust the desired tightness for great comfort.

 Adapted and adjustable to any morphology



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