Rotulastic Patellar Knee Brace



Patellar Knee Brace Rotulastic

  • Support level:  Light
  • Sports: Team  sports Running Hiking Squash
  • Product strengths:  lightness Silicone structure
  • Functions:  Prevention Patellar tendon compression
  • Pathologies:  Patellar tendonitis Osgood-Schlatter

Features of the Rotulastic Patellar Knee Brace

Silicone Rotulastic Knee Brace reduce pain and pressure on knee due to various injuries including arthritis meniscus tear joint pain ACL / LCM / LCP / LCL tears osteoarthritis knee runner and many other types of chronic or minor injuries.

ADVANCED MATERIAL: Made of durable and reusable high quality grade A silicone it is super elastic flexible and comfortable (latex free).

OPEN PADDLE COMPRESSION HANDLE: open the ring of the ball joint to release the pressure. Move your knee with ease. The knee brace will stay in place thanks to the wave of non-slip silicone gel.

When to use the Rotulastic Patellar Knee Brace

Comfortable and Soft to Use: Ideal protection for running hiking tennis golf soccer volleyball cycling basketball softball baseball and basketball enthusiasts many other sporting activities.

Protect your knee from: 

– Runner’s knee and many other types of chronic or minor injuries.

– minor meniscal injury





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