RenFX protective knee brace




RenFX protective knee brace

  • Protection Zone:  Polyethylene foam positioned on the knee
  • Benefit:  Helps protect the knee joint from impacts

Main features and advantages of the RenFX protective knee brace

Our exclusive high rebound knee protectors are specially designed for the impacts of every sport. They absorb and disperse the energy of impacts while remaining comfortable and flexible.

The pads are very flexible and soft for maximum comfort and pain relief while absorbing shock.

Superior protection
providing padding on the knee as well as on the top of the shin provides optimal protection.

RenFX Protective Knee Pads Provide Amazing Training Experience
How many times have you landed on the ground and your knee sore?

Are you tired of the scrapes and burns on your knees during training?

Do you know the feeling you get when your knee pads don’t fit yours?

RenFX innovative protective knee pads

We take our responsibility to you and your knees seriously which is why we have designed the safest and most comfortable protective knee pads for your workouts and games. Function design and materials are carefully balanced to ensure you have a safe sporting experience.



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