Relax Knees Breathable Orthopedic Cushion


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Do you want to eliminate knee pain?

Whether it is a mild knee pain osteoarthritis or even bursitis of the knee or quite simply after a knee operation due to a tear in the meniscus for example many people in France suffer from persistent pain in the knees. In order to remedy this phenomenon it is recommended to use supports to relieve pain. This is why Ultimateknees presents its breathable orthopedic cushion Relax Knees.

Why use the Relax Knees Breathable Orthopedic Cushion?

By placing the Relax Knees orthopedic cushion in the hollow of your legs it helps support the joints and muscles of your legs improving your comfort relieving knee pain or even improving your recovery capacity. But that’s not all because it also helps relieve lower back pain in the lower back.

Use as a pillow it will allow you to relieve sciatica pain to guarantee you pleasant nights and restful sleep. Eliminating any pressure on the spine to achieve good posture and ideal alignment of your spine with your hips and legs so you can sleep better throughout the night without worrying about pain.

In addition the attachment strap on the cushion allows the cushion not to move during the night for optimal comfort. Finally the Relax Knees orthopedic cushion has shape memory to suit all body types. Lightweight and breathable thanks to a removable viscose cover the latter is easily machine cleaned.

Recommended by our physiotherapists and partner orthopedists the Relax Knees breathable orthopedic cushion will be the ideal ally for a speedy recovery.

The characteristics of the Relax Knees breathable orthopedic cushion?

  • Material: Viscose
  • High quality shape memory
  • Size: 23.5cm * 23cm * 13.5cm
  • Easy maintenance



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