ProtecOne Protective Knee Pad




ProtecOne protective knee brace

  • Protection Zone:  Polyethylene foam positioned on the knee
  • Benefit:  Helps protect the knee joint from impacts

Features of the ProtecOne protective knee brace

PROFESSIONAL PROTECTIVE MATERIALS: Premium cotton and bamboo fiber fabric smooth soft ultra-durable breathable moisture-wicking comfortable

HUMAN MECHANICAL DESIGN: According to the regularity of movements and precise positioning of the knee area the elastic design makes the wearing more convenient and the fall better absorbed.

HONEYCOMB EFFECT: The knee brace was designed to help retain heat provide muscle support relieve knee pain protect and reduce the incidence of injury and large compression impacts to improve muscle endurance protect the knee provide the necessary support

IDEAL FOR SPORT: For athletic dancing Yoga Football Volleyball Tennis Skating Climbing Cycling Running Basketball Sports

When to use ProtecOne knee protection

Our knee protectors are specially designed for the shots of each sport. They  absorb and spread the energy of impacts  while remaining comfortable and flexible.

Ergonomic design super light protect and prevent knee injury during exercise.

The pads conform to the shape of your knees and hold your bone in all positions. They help distribute the pressure of your body weight over several areas and relieve the discomfort of movement.

Made of spandex with excellent elasticity the breathable fabric keeps the skin dry and is more comfortable.

Suitable for men and women
Our anti-collision breathable and ultra-comfortable compression knee brace provides joint and muscle support for men and women while allowing you to maintain your full range of motion in your knee.




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