ProtecKnee Protective Knee Pad




ProtecKnee Protective Knee Pad

  • Impact protection
  • Foam padding 
  • Sold by pair 

Features of this ProtechKnee protective knee pad

COMFORTABLE AND BREATHABLE FABRIC: Made of quality cotton high density sponge and spandex good elasticity superb lightness and durability great breathability to absorb sweat and keep your knee dry and comfortable all day long. With advanced 3D knitting technology seamless comfort no irritating stitch lines to keep you going

NON-SLIP & INJURY-FREE: Double-lined non-slip silicone for superior comfort and extra reinforcement ensures the sleeve won’t slip even during strenuous activity. Centered with thick shock-proof sponge pads for optimal protection of the kneecap it prevents the knee from injuring itself while playing sports.

REDUCE STRESS AND SWELLING: The purpose of ProtechKnee knee pads is to protect the meniscus and kneecap or knee pad while you play. Knee pads also protect the knee from scrapes and burns that might occur during practices or games. Recover faster with the tight compression sleeve which helps reduce inflammation and swelling. Soon you will be back in the race with more spring in your step.

SUITABLE FOR ALL ACTIVITIES: Perfect for a wide range of activities and sports such as walking hiking jogging running basketball netball squash badminton volleyball football tennis skiing snowboarding cycling swimming crossfit skipping athletics gymnastics yoga dancing etc.

Why ProtechKnee Protective Knee Pads

  • Imagine a  wrap that protects your knee  100% when landing
  • Say goodbye to abrasions
  • Enjoy superb comfort with a massaging fabric

Wear Them Anytime Anywhere
We designed these knee pads with maximum comfort in mind so you can easily wear them at work while driving at home working outdoors or even during physical activity. They stay put and protect you even during the most intense workouts.





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