PowerRX Ligament Knee Brace




PowerRX Ligament Knee Brace

  • Maintenance level:  Moderate
  • Sports: Team  sports Running Hiking 
  • Product highlights:  Ligament Strapping 
  • Functions:  Prevention ligament maintenance
  • Pathologies:  Ligament sprains

Features of the PowerRX Ligament Knee Brace

The PowerRX knee brace is designed to support the knee to prevent ligament strain . It is equipped with a clever double strapping system for optimal knee support. 

Compression sleeve for PowerRX

Get back to the action pain-free with our unique Knee Compression Sleeve

* COMPRESSION AND SUPPORT KNEE HOLDER – with 2 flexible spring stabilizers and gel patella pad .

* MAXIMUM COMFORT AND FLEXIBILITY – high quality blended fabric 4-way stretch and breathable for daily use or sports activities. Does not restrict movement.

* FAST HEALING AND RECOVERY START – with therapeutic heat that reduces inflammation promotes circulation and healing.

* OPTIMIZED KNEE MOVEMENT – Ergonomically designed to promote correct knee movement to prevent injury.

* PROFESSIONAL GRADE FABRICS – Quality materials (70% nylon 15% spandex & 15% latex) that are durable wick moisture and are made to last.

indications for use for the PowerRX ligament knee brace

  • Treatment of mild sprains
  • Mild knee pain 
  • Sports practice 
  • Prevention of ligament deformities

Enjoy your favorite sports or activities again.

The Best Exercise Support – Crossfit Basketball Tennis Volleyball Jogging Walking Hiking Wrestling Skiing Soccer Gymnastics Golf and other sports. All-day comfort minimizing knee pain whatever the activity.




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