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You must choose from among all the existing massage roller kits this gadget is very complete. This sports accessory pack consists of a yoga foam stick a column and a yoga massage ball. Multi-use and of good quality they are suitable for all those who want to pamper their body. Bodybuilders and gentle sports like yoga or Pilates athletes all need this kit in their gym kit.

Why use the Power Pack massage roller?

Specially designed for yoga practitioners the massage roller kitis used after any kind of physical effort. It is an ally of well-being allowing the toxins accumulated in the muscles to be released during intense exercise. Thanks to these massage materials the athlete’s muscle recovery is accelerated. The massage roller is made with a more or less soft material therefore of medium density. It is then gentle and can be used even for massaging the lower back. This massage roller kit helps relieve all muscle pain and improves the performance of athletes. To reduce the effects of fatigue and increase blood flow massage yourself with this gadget. It works effectively on all the muscles of the body except those of the spine. In case of neuralgia of sciatic nerves or certain fasciitis

The advantages of the Power Pack massage roller

This myofascial massage equipment is not bulky. It is easy to transport and use to allow self-massage wherever you want. Its medium density foam cylindrical shaft and small bumps are very effective in stretching muscles. It can be used as training material in Yoga or Pilates class. The massage roller kit is suitable for all areas: a roller for the legs a Yoga stick for the arms or the lower back. As for the smaller areas to be massaged small yoga balls are the most suitable. The massage roller also called foam roller has the advantage of being able to massage two legs at the same time. It allows to take off the fascia to the muscle fibers for a strengthening and flexibility of the muscles. With the massage stick we don’t does not need too much body weight for a successful massage. The pressures of the hands are enough. The efforts are easily directed so as to untie the knotted points thanks to the manipulable cuffs. This massage roller kit is also recommended for massage therapists for specific treatments at the level of the different muscles of the body.

How do I use my Power Pack massage roller?

Beginner or professional can use this massage roller kit which is easy to handle. Self-massage with this equipment before entering the gym after your workout. The principle is to rub the roller to get rid of the “””” trigger points “””” responsible for muscle pain. For gluteal or hamstring pain repeat the following exercise for one minute. Sit on the floor with your legs on the roller. To successfully stretch the muscles you have to support your legs with your arms. The massage greatly depends on the weight of the body. Likewise to get rid of quadriceps pain roll on the roller while lying on the floor. Each targeted point corresponds to a very specific exercise. To enjoy all its benefits you just need to learn these exercises which are practically simple. What to avoid during massages is to ride too fast or ride for too long. A back and forth movement of 1 minute is enough.

The characteristics of the massage roller

  • The massage roller kit comes with 3 accessories that can be separated
  • 1 piece of massage roller 1 piece of yoga stick 1 piece of yoga ball
  • 3 colors available: blue pink purple
  • Yoga column size: 33 x 13cm
  • Yoga stick size: 41 X 5.5cm
  • Massage ball size: 9 x 9cm sphere
  • Maximum tolerable load: 150kg
  • Soft touch and comfortable stick cuff easy to handle.
  • Good quality construction material guaranteed service life
  • Massage of the soles of the feet legs and quadriceps. Massage of the arms the arch of the foot.
  • Ideal for use in warming up stretching and muscle recovery. Suitable for Yoga and Pilates training.



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