PhysioKnee sport knee brace




PhysioKnee sport knee brace

  • Support level:  Light to Moderate
  • Sports:  All Sports 
  • Product highlights:  Thermo Regulation Clima Fresh & Clima Comfort
  • Functions:  Proprioception Muscle Support
  • Pathologies:  Mild instability of the knee Arthritis / Osteoarthritis Patellar tendinopathy Anterior pain syndrome of the knee

Features of the PhysioKnee sport knee brace

BENEFITS: Reduces inflammation / swelling pain stiffness has a warming effect for muscle recovery

SPORTS: Suitable for all sports activities that put a lot of strain on the joints such as running basketball soccer golf cycling tennis hiking volleyball skiing and more more besides.

PAIN RELIEF: Recovery aid knee runners and jumpers arthritis tendonitis

ANTI-SLIP SILICONE: stable compression during hours of gym squats weightlifting yoga fitness

Optimal compression

Optimal compression improves muscle endurance and protects the knee reduces inflammation and swelling prevents blood build-up stimulates blood circulation and promotes faster muscle recovery.

Pain relief and moderate support

The knee brace provides pain relief and moderate support in minor or emerging knee diseases and protects the knee from injury or the risk of future damage. The sleeve adds warmth restricts movement of the kneecap and can increase proprioception (the ability to sense the position of a joint in space as detected by the central nervous system).

3D knitting technology

This stylish and fashionable elastic compression knee support with 4-way stretch capability provides superior all-round protection and is a must have for runners weightlifters or professional athletes.

Non-slip silicone

The non-slip silicone double wave provides the best grip so you don’t have to readjust it during gym hours squats weightlifting yoga and dancing marathons fitness or gymnastics. It doesn’t roll slip or slip away.





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