Patellar Knee Brace – Ultimate.Knees ™



Patellar Knee Brace – Ultimate.Knees ™

  • Maintenance level:  High
  • Sports:  All Sports
  • Product highlights:  Compression thanks to the Over Wrap system Additional joint wrap Whales & Strap syst
  • Functions:  Articular Support Compression Contention
  • Pathologies:  Patellar tendonitis Subluxation of the patella Chrondromalacia

When can I use this patellar knee brace?

Ideal for improving the stability of the knee following an internal (interior) or external (exterior) ligament injury of the knee.
Provides stability support and comfort following meniscus (cartilage) damage to the knee.
Reinforced spring stays provide greater medio-lateral confidence.
Elastic cross straps for better compression and increased support of rotational ligaments and collateral ligaments
Can be used in all competitive sports such as football.

How do they work?

Made of multi-directional stretch neoprene this knee pad offers an excellent level of comfort and support. Two soft steel side and middle springs provide support to the knee joint while stabilizing upper Velcro straps provide a custom fit for a secure and comfortable fit.
An extra-soft kneecap protects and stabilizes the knee brace which helps prevent shifting while the open kneecap provides ventilation and relieves pressure on the knee brace itself.

This patellar knee brace is specially designed to provide support and protection during all activities. It relieves pain associated with general knee pain and pain meniscus tears inflammation of the bursa knee instability
Arthritis pain MCL medial collateral ligament pain etc. Ideal for use during sports activities such as running hiking walking basketball tennis surgery and gym workouts like squats.




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