Patella Knee Brace Bracelet – Ultimate.Knees ™



Patellar Knee Brace Bracelet – Ultimate.knees

  • Support level:  Light to Moderate
  • Sports: Team  sports Running Squash
  • Product highlights:  Aircast compression cushion lightness
  • Functions:  Prevention Patellar tendon compression
  • Pathologies:  Patellar tendonitis Osgood-Schlatter

Shock Absorption & Knee Pain Relief – The segmented design of the bindings can be adjusted according to the knee’s personal curves to provide better patella protection and make a difference for your knee.

Completely Adjustable & One Size Fits All – Double Knot Design Fully Adjustable Strap Provides The Flexibility To Make Adjustment For Tightness Fits A Size 10-18 Inches In Circumference.

Comfortable & Stays In Place – Matched high quality raw materials and standardized production techniques soft and breathable fabric with smooth edges and fine stitches make you wear without any discomfort stay in place after a long period of exercise e.

Applicable scene – Suitable for a variety of sports scenes such as basketball running fitness training especially for intense sports that require frequent jumping and landing which can improve performance sports.

For the relief and support of knee pain

  • Comfortable and stays in place
  • No itching for long periods
  • Cushion targeted pressure
  • Helps provide relief and compression
  • Provides comfortable and adjustable support
  • Adjustable strap and buckle adapt as a custom fit
  • Soft-touch materials for comfort
  • Easy to put on and take off

Why do I need to wear knee pads while exercising?

During intense exercise the knee is extremely vulnerable to injury and the kneecap can be displaced. The knee strap can stabilize the kneecap and reduce wear and tear on the knee joint which is why it is especially important to wear a patellar strap .

Wearing this patellar knee brace may be recommended if you have tendonitis in the patellar tendon (also called jumper’s knee) to help you get back to sport. It’s easy to put on and has a soft fabric and a shape designed to fit your knee and keep you comfortable.




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