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Osteoarthritis & ligament knee brace

  • Maintenance level : High
  • Sports:  All Sports 
  • Product highlights:   40Kg support spring Shock absorption 
  • Functions:  Pain Relief Active Patellar Refocusing Patellar Stabilization 
  • Pathologies:  Knee osteoarthritis Patellofemoral osteoarthritis Chondropathy 

The  knee  Ultimate.Knees ™  support your thighs and your calves by reducing the pressure on your knees . They strongly support your legs giving you the ability to  recover more quickly from surgery to  relieve arthritis  the  joint pain   and even  carrying heavy objects more easily than before . Ideal for people who have  persistent pain who suffer from arthritis who have had  sports injuries  and for  workers who are squatting all day .  



✔️ BEGIN HEALING  AND SPEED UP RECOVERY  – The  knee brace  gives you a light feeling allowing you to easily lift each knee during your activities. The compression sleeve gives you the  maximum support  for all the areas that need more attention. It  relieves  arthritis pain warns you of a meniscus tear soothes tendonitis osteoarthritis chondromalacia and lessens hyperextension.

✔️  STRONG LIFTING POWER  – The Ultimate.Knees ™ knee pads can support a weight of approximately 20 kg each. It is effective in  reducing  a person’s weight by about 40 kg. It is a revolutionary knee brace that allows you to  easily lift  your knee when bending or squatting both legs.

 ✔️  VERSATILE  –  Ideal  for various sports such as mountaineering cycling golf badminton crossfit and more.

 ✔️  IDEAL FOR WORKERS  – A  powerful knee brace  which supports thighs and calves so it can be  used in any workplace .

 ✔️  HIGH QUALITY  – Durable and lightweight aluminum alloy body with strong spring elasticity specially made. Up to 40KG of  ADDITIONAL LIFTING POWER. The knee pad allows easy velcro length control and can be worn inside or outside your clothes.

 ✔️ BREATHABLE  MESH  – The knee pad is  comfortable whether worn directly wrapped around your bare knees or over your pants with breathable strapping.

✔️ TRUST – for fans of trail sports volleyball cross fitness rollerblading motocross handball football basketball. Return to sport or a sporting activity in complete safety thanks to a padding system that protects you from any rupture of the cruciate ligaments Patellar syndrome.


 – Testimony of david – 


“””” I bought two pairs one for my wife and me and I haven’t regretted it at all. Recently I had surgery and found new life in my knees.

The delivery was pretty quick and the tracking was sent out almost immediately after my purchase. I have recommended them to my friends and family “”””


The product does not suit you ? You benefit from the guarantee 

Ultimate.Knees ™ is a French company   and proud of it. We only market products of  unprecedented quality and are able to stand behind all of our products. This is the zero-risk guarantee that we have developed and it is one of the many reasons why our customers trust us  .



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Unisex adjustable to any morphology.

Please note: UK knee pads are not a medical device but a comfort aid. 




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