Osteoarthritis Knee Brace – Ultimate.Knees ™




Osteoarthritis knee brace – Ultimate.Knees

  • Support level:  Light to moderate
  • Sports:  All Sports 
  • Product highlights:  Thermo Regulation Clima Fresh & Clima Comfort
  • Functions:  Proprioception Massaging effect Muscle support
  • Pathologies:  Mild instability of the knee Arthritis / Osteoarthritis Tendinopathy
  • patella Anterior pain syndrome of the knee

  • Osteoarthritis Knee Brace – Ultimate.Knees ™ – The brace provides stable protection for the knee joints optimal muscle support during occasional daily activities and relieves joint and muscle pressure ideal for meniscus tears arthritis tendonitis osteoarthritis and runners.
  • COMFORTABLE AND BREATHABLE – 3D knit blends perfectly with breathable nylon and lycra. Its ergonomic design provides better support and comfort without cutting off circulation or limiting movement. No matter what you do you can maintain joint stability!
  • Injury Prevention & Pain Relief – With gentle knee support the brace improves blood circulation relieves knee pressure and relieves muscle tension to minimize injury while in motion and support muscle recovery.
  • Wide Applications – Perfect for any activity with a lot of joint stress such as baseball basketball crossfit running gym weight lifting hiking tennis volleyball and more!

Osteoarthritis Knee Brace – Ultimate.Knees ™ neoprene is designed with knit technology with radial COMPRESSION to provide better support to the knee while allowing good blood circulation .

It is made from a proprietary blend of high quality bamboo nylon polyester and latex. The perfectly natural bamboo fabric has excellent sweat absorption capacity high breathability and durability. Nylon adds durability and latex gives elasticity.

Osteoarthritis Knee Brace – Ultimate.Knees ™ is ideal for those who need extra support due to a weak or injured knee joint while still maintaining flexibility.


Comfortable: Good knee support without stiffness. No itching. No slippage. Mobility and total comfort.

Anatomical shape: Prevents injuries and speeds up recovery. Ideal for healing and rehabilitation .
improved wearing comfort.

Pain relief: osteoporosis post-operative pain swelling as well as minor strains and sprains .

To wear every day: Easy to wear thanks to its light and flexible material. Unisex. Can be worn all day.

Soft Knit – Keeps moisture away from the body and is machine washable in the wash cycle (which helps maintain elasticity and original fit) so easy to care for.

Massage Pads – Soft and stimulating pads provide pain relief .


– Injury prevention
– Resumption of activity after a sprain
– Fragility of the knee ligaments



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