MeniSecur patellar knee brace




MeniSecur patellar knee brace

  • Maintenance level:  Moderate
  • Sports: Team  sports Running Hiking 
  • Product highlights:  Spring support 
  • Functions:  Prevention ligament maintenance
  • Pathologies:  Ligament sprains Meniscus

Features of the  MeniSecure Patellar  Knee Brace

  • The MeniSecure knee brace is designed for a full range of motion and total protection.
  • Breathable fabric makes you feel soft to the touch all day and all night!
  • Exclusive knit design that fits all kinds of joints.
  • It gives you optimal support for the knees whether for training or ordinary daily activities.
  • Reduces odors and quickly absorbs sweat.
  • Dual Silicone Non-Slip Design – Provides the best compression and fits snugly so you don’t have to adjust it while exercising. It doesn’t roll or slip.
  • Premium fabric maintains a comfortable joint temperature.


When to use  the MeniSecure Patellar  Knee Brace

Provides sufficient support for you to play demanding sports like basketball soccer volleyball tennis weight lifting pregnancy / motherhood walking jogging running yoga baseball hockey lacrosse cycling triathletes hiking skiing crossfit field sports nursing medical care travel.

  • Great for runners joggers or athletes.
  • Weightlifters or fitness conscious people who engage in heavy training.
  • Adolescents who play sports or the elderly who suffer from knee pain due to aging or arthritis and who have difficulty climbing stairs or moving around.
  • Construction workers or nurses who have to stand for long hours or professional athletes who cannot avoid the strain.
  • A design that is suitable for women men and children alike.




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