Massage roller For the feet


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After a run you really want to relax your legs. Have you ever tried self-massage with a foot massage roller? This small foot massage roller will do you a great service as it effectively targets deep tissue and promotes myofascial release.

Why use the Foot Knees massage roller?

Widely used by runners yoga and Pilates practitioners the Foot massage roller relieves both thighs stiff calves hips and knees. You will thus soothe irritations and aches; prevent injuries while increasing the flexibility of your muscles. Its use also aims postural rehabilitation body coordination and stabilization of the spine.

The advantages of the Foot Knees massage roller

With the Foot Kness Massage Roller you can massage the sore and stiff parts of your legs. Soothe the lower body: quads calves hamstrings gluteal muscles iliotibial band by targeting all faces and turning your feet.

The foot massage roller can be of different length and thickness. When the roll is fine significant pressure on the chosen area can be applied. If it’s longer you can target multiple areas at once. Shorter the roll is compact and easy to carry.

How to use the Foot Knees massage roller?

Place the foot massage roller below your calves for example. Roll it slowly a few inches per second to identify the tightest part. Target a few places where you will exert pressure for about twenty seconds without moving to eliminate the points of tension. This pressure point is not necessarily the painful area massage the points all around to get a pleasant feeling and heal the ailments related to the feet.

The characteristics of the massage roller

  • Material: high quality and firm foam and EPP
  • Size: 30x15cm 45x15cm 60x15cm
  • Black color



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