Lumbar and knee orthopedic cushion Assise Knees




Need an orthopedic lumbar cushion and for your knees?

With the Assise Knees orthopedic lumbar and knee cushion you have a memory foam cushion that perfectly conforms to your body. If you need a soft soft and comfortable cushion to easily raise your legs in the air and thus promote blood circulation in your body this cushion is for you! It is also possible to use it as a support lumbar for all your back pain and back pain. You only need to wedge the pillow between a wall and your back to relieve your lower back with it your legs and back will no longer be under pressure and will be able to relax whether during periods of rest such as a reading break or during the night for a restful sleep.

The benefits of the Assise Knees lumbar and knee orthopedic cushion

There are several advantages to using the Assise Knees Orthopedic Lumbar and Knee Cushion. Among them :

  • The cushion optimizes the circulation of blood in your body thanks to the possibility of putting your legs in the air.
  • The cushion provides relief from heavy and swollen legs
  • The cushion improves the quality of your nights in case of chronic and recurring pain in your knee and back
  • The cushion reduces back pain and sciatica
  • It can relieve pain due to osteoarthritis arthritis or bursitis
  • It also allows to benefit from a good base
  • The cushion has an adjustable attachment strap to prevent the cushion from moving at night

The characteristics of the Assise Knees Lumbar and Knee Orthopedic Cushion

  • 100% foam and cotton
  • Quality shape memory
  • Size 40cm * 20cm * 10cm
  • Detachable cover with a zip for easy maintenance
  • Adjustable elastic strap



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