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Strapping with adhesive tape to support the knee

Can’t find the right knee strapping tape for you? You don’t even know what it is but we recommended it to you? You are a sportsman or an athlete who cares about your joints. Do you dream of getting rid of redundant pain in the knees during physical exertion? So take care of yourself by discovering the adhesive strips for knee strapping.

What is the adhesive tape for knee strapping?

This band is also called a compression band or a support band. It is used to immobilize a part of the body such as the knee. It is generally more or less flexible and has the particularity of being self-adhesive. To wrap or put your knee at ease you don’t need to find a tie pin or brooch. The adhesive tape can stick to itself. This therapeutic accessory is often used in physiotherapy to relieve pain in the muscles and joints of the knee. Placed in a reasoned way this self-adhesive band influences the circulatory and musculo-articular system thanks to the traction it exerts and helps to maintain the knee.

Knee strapping and its benefits

There are many advantages to using the self-adhesive knee strapping tape. It is used either in protection to prevent lesions or as a cure for knee pain. In the first case it allows the athlete to absorb the shocks applied to the knee joints. As a result it alleviates pain by supporting the muscles. The adhesive strapping tape also allows better recovery after a session of sports activity because it acts on the blood circulation. In curative action knee strapping is recommended and implemented by doctors or physiotherapists to heal knee injuries. In addition it plays a role of painkiller and soothes the patient. In addition the adhesive tape used in knee strapping allows the joints to heal quickly. Therefore

When to use adhesive tape for knee strapping?

It is clear that you need knee strapping especially if you practice a brutal sport. Athletes basketball or football players during your training competition wear knee strapping. This will reduce the risk of injury and injury to the knee.

Also if you have tendonitis or a sprained knee strapping will do you a lot of good. By immobilizing your joints with an adhesive tape or at least by restricting movement inside your knee you will heal faster.

After a knee injury apply tape for strapping to promote blood clotting and limit vascular damage. Knee strapping therefore helps you recover quickly from an accident. It should be noted that there is a type of strapping allowing certain movements. As a result you can gradually resume your activities.

How to do a knee strapping with a support band?

You may have already strapped to immobilize your knee but you don’t remember. The principle is to make a crisscross bandage but with a well-defined direction and tension. As a reminder knee strapping is different to treat tendonitis a sprain or other injuries. Learn the basic steps for doing knee strapping:

  • Start making bases with your tape: they usually go around the thighs and below the knees. They roll up in circular ways. The bases are always without clamping that is to say more or less firm.
  • Then go to the stirrups on one side on the outer face; on the other side on the inside of your leg. The bandages will then follow the vertical arrangements by binding the two bases with your adhesive tape. Apply tension to the bandage when making these stirrups.
  • In addition make cross bandages through your kneecap to maintain the previous ones.
  • Finally reinforce the whole with circular windings to close the strapping. To be successful in your strapping and as a prevention it is preferable to shave the part to be strapped. This will make it easier for the tape to adhere to the skin and avoid hurting yourself when you take it off.

It is important to note that knee strapping cannot be performed on injured or infected skin. While strapping is an effective method of healing your knees in some cases strapping alone is not enough. Although this technique is rather simple to perform always make sure to consult a doctor so as not to aggravate your injury.

The characteristics of our adhesive support tape

The Anti Pain strapping tape from UltimateKnees stands out for its impeccable quality. It won’t stick to your skin or pull your hair out. In addition by performing the knee strapping you will not be disappointed with the strong grip capacity of the strap for your knee.

This adhesive tape is easy to handle easy to use whether it is while strapping your knee or while removing the bandage. The support band for strapping your knee has the particularity of putting you at ease while wearing the bandage. In addition the adhesive and elastic band is permeable. However it allows sweat to escape even if you wear it during physical activity.

Even more your knee will not be totally isolated from the air because the design of the strapping tape has been well studied for your comfort. In order to properly carry out your strapping opt for our flexible adhesive tape. It will be more than enough for your bandages.

We provide you with different models of adhesive tapes of different sizes and colors. The available width is 5cm for a length of 4.5m. At first glance the self-adhesive bands seem to be made with more or less woven material but very soft. 5 colors are presented to you: black blue khaki white and pink.

Available width: 5cm

Length: 4.5m



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