Knee pad to keep Cocoon Knees warm



The knee is one of the crucial elements among all the joints to be able to stand walk or move. As robust as it is delicate it is also essential to fortify them with the best possible precautions. Hence the existence of the knee pad to keep warm. They are specially designed for the maintenance protection and prevention against various diseases or dysfunctions of the joint. The Cocoon Knees is suitable for all types of knees for any explorer for any athlete.

When to use the Cocoon Knees knee brace?

The knees are often victims of several kinds of diseases or instabilities. It even turns out that they can catch a disease like arthritis. It is characterized by acute pain limitation of movement or stiffness fatigue or even fever. This disease can last a lifetime but its effects can be lessened with physical movement. The knee brace to keep warm is an accessory to promote the movement of the joint during physical activities. But apart from arthritis there are still other threats to the knee such as a sprain or patellofemoral syndrome. Thanks to the cocoon knees the consequences of these different diseases can be alleviated. But it is also advisable to use them as a preventive gesture without waiting for the knees to be damaged. This knee brace is also the item to wear in winter because the cold promotes knee pain. In case of rehabilitation after an accident the knee brace can be put on during the movements to reduce the pain thanks to the heat it provides.

The advantages of the Cocoon Knees knee brace

As its name suggests the role of the warming knee brace is to maintain an ideal atmosphere and temperature for the relief of pain in the joint. It is therefore no longer necessary here to use relaxing or heating balms or even to boil water and put it in a glass bottle to have heat. Going to therapy with your therapist on a daily basis also turns out to be a heavy and tiring task. You will always have to travel for a rehabilitation session. Hence the advantage of the cocoon knees because this knee brace avoids unnecessary travel and daily expenses. This simple lightweight accessory is effective in generating heat at the knee. Without side effect the knee brace for keeping warm offers protection unlike the ointment which can damage the skin or other organs. This knee protection kit can be worn without limiting movement thanks to its elasticity.

The benefits of the Cocoon knees

The first thing to know about the benefits of the knee brace for keeping warm is that it prevents diseases. Better safe than sorry! Already if a person still has knee disease the knee brace is there to relieve inflammation. In most cases it is this pain that causes the fever so you have to be very careful. The cocoon knees also has the power to soothe fatigue! It helps the body to improve the circulation of the blood in order to maintain a constant heartbeat. Automatically the muscles will then relax. Very comfortable this knee brace allows good muscle recovery for athletes. The heat provided by this accessory helps promote blood circulation and accelerate muscle reconstitution.

The characteristics of the knee brace

The specific features that characterize the knee brace for keeping warm remain an essential point to know. The pads are made in such a way that they are breathable. Made from highly elastic skin-friendly breathable stretchy soft and comfortable to wear fabric. That’s not all the knee brace is also made with premium materials. That is the pads were designed with tormentine heat sensitive materials to come into direct contact with human skin. Knowing that when the body is in motion it produces heat and makes the knee warm. With a self-heating capacity it provides the knee with the ideal heat for treatment. Hence the relaxing feeling when used. There are three kinds of measurements to fit all sizes

  • Size M (suitable for leg circumference: 35-41 cm or 13.7-16.1 inches)
  • Size L (suitable for leg circumference: 41-47 cm or 16.1-18.5 inches)
  • Size XL (suitable for leg circumference: 47-55 cm or 18.5-21.6 inches)



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