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Are you a top athlete or have you decided to get back to sport for your health? Yes practicing sports regularly turns out to be really beneficial for your health. However and very often sport rhymes with fatigue and muscle pain. No problem ! If these pains persist and do not go away despite a required rest period and specific care resort to kinesio taping also called K tape K taping or knee taping.

What is K-tape or kinesiology tape?

K-tape or kinesio-taping tapes are fluorescent colored adhesive elastic bands often worn by athletes. You have certainly seen them on the bodies of certain athletes during major international sports competitions. Wearing K tape or kinesiology tape is a technique invented by the Japanese in the seventies to put athletes at ease. Indeed K tape is a technique that derives from kinesiology. Kinesiology being in a way a science that studies the movements of the human body. Thus K tape are elastic adhesive tapes permeable to air and vapor but which are hydrophobic that is to say resistant to water. From its aesthetic side K tape plays a precise role in reducing pain while maintaining range of motion. It does not contain miraculous products but only consists of a strip of cotton or synthetic fabric and glue. There are no active substances. Its operating principle is based on mechanics. It can be applied to several muscle groups such as thighs pecs abdominals back knees.

K tape and its benefits

K tape can act on muscles tendons ligaments or joints. It stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation. Plus it helps relieve contractions while toning your muscles. For all people with bad habits kinesio-taping tape corrects posture. For those who are afraid of relapse in the event of muscle weakness they can resort to K-tape but above all these bands make it possible to avoid new injuries. In a nutshell K-tape not only helps decrease but also prevent pain. It also reduces inflammation.

When to use K taping and who is it for?

As we have already seen previously the K-tape does not contain an active substance but only a strip on which the glue is placed. With this glue and the tension that will be exerted on the band Kinesio-taping will effectively move the bandaged part of the body. This gesture will reduce the pressure exerted on the compressed part resulting in a reduction in pain.

So we should use these bands when we are facing muscle joint tendon or ligament pain. Before going to play sports or physical activities requiring a lot of effort or even after you can apply K tape. Since these bands last for several days you won’t have to change them all the time.

It is clear that these kinesiology tapes are more present in the sports world. In addition anyone can use them: infants children pregnant women with back pain adults and the elderly.

What are the differences between K tape and knee strapping?

Knee strapping also called a compression band is a band used to immobilize a part of the body such as the knee. Less flexible than K tape it is also self-adhesive. This therapeutic aid helps relieve pain by compressing and compressing the joint to reduce movement.

As for the K tape it relieves ailments while keeping the full range of motion. Its principle is to maintain mobility in gestures without feeling pain.

How to put on a K-tape kinesiology tape to strengthen or relieve your knee?

Whether for long hours of walking cycling or any other physical activity very often the knee more precisely the kneecaps play a very important role. It is thus really advisable to use a band of K-tape to strengthen it and relieve it. Then learn these basics of techniques for a perfect adequate installation of K-tapes by carefully following these steps:

  1. Thoroughly wash and dry the surface on which you are going to lay the strip.
  2. Equip yourself with a cleaned and disinfected pair of scissors.
  3. If necessary ask for help from another person so that the installation is precise.
  4. Pre-cut two strips of equal length of 26 to 30 cm and one strip of 20 cm.
  5. While seated slightly bend your leg.
  6. On the left side of your thigh lay the first longer strip obliquely to below your knee without exerting strong tension.
  7. On the opposite side apply the second band exerting more tension to below your knee.
  8. Take care that these bands do not block your movements so that you can bend your knee with mobility.
  9. Finally place the 20 cm band horizontally above your knee without making any tension.

Note that the kinesiology tape is also perfectly suitable for use on the elbow ankles head shoulders neck etc.

The characteristics of our Knee Taping Band

Our Knee Taping Kinesiology Tape is of a very high quality. They are made with cotton. Not only does K tape easily adhere to your skin by itself it also does not stick to body hair. Easy to apply and remove it is also very flexible as its length can exceed more than 200% of its dimension and is perfectly stretchable. The K-tape will not cause aesthetic discomfort on your body and does not pose a problem when dressing it is easily worn under clothing.

As health is paramount do not hesitate to choose our K-tape: bands 2.5 cm wide with 5m in length. They are available in fourteen different colors. Relieve and prevent your knee pain in your daily actions by choosing the K-tape from the UltimateKnees site that we offer you at the best prices on the market.

Dimension: 2.5cm * 5m



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