Grid Knees Massage Roller


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Are you a fan of Yoga intensive physical activity or team sports? Would you like to go further in your “trigger points” massage experience? The Knees grid massage roller is a versatile massage roller designed for sports and self-massage enthusiasts.

Why use the Grid Knees massage roller?

The Grid in question acts on the deep muscles. If you want to massage fairly large muscle groups or more targeted muscle groups this type of roller will meet your needs. It is solid lasts over time and provides a realistic massage sensation.

The advantages of the Grid knees massage roller

The Grid massage roller allows you to massage painful and tired areas. Easy to use it allows self-massage at home and improves your physical performance. It promotes your mobility and reduces the risk of injury during training. It also helps keep the muscles relaxed and relaxed.

How do I use my Grid Knees massage roller?

Take the example of a calf massage. Place the grid massage roller under your right ankle. Cross your left leg over your right relaxing your foot. Lift your body supporting yourself on your hands and slowly roll the grid from the ankle to the back of the knee. (4 times from bottom to top top to bottom on each leg). For the thoracic spine massage lie on your back with the Grid roller above your lower back. Put your feet flat on the floor and your head resting on both hands. Roll the grid back and forth. (4 times for each zone of the column).

The characteristics of the massage roller

  • Sports rollers for different areas of the body: shoulders legs calves arms back.
  • Travel companion
  • Compact unique design for targeted massages
  • Weight: 87g
  • Size: 16 * 7cm / 6.3 * 2.75in
  • Color: blue pink



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