Foam Roller massage roller


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The Foam Roller massage roller is a popular massage accessory. Always present in sports accessories kits it is of considerable use. The four elements of this kit allow you to do a full massage or perform Yoga exercises.

Why Use Foam Roller Massage Roller

This foam massage roller acts on muscles that are highly stressed during physical activity. To quickly restore the muscle microfibers torn during a workout massage with Foam Roller is an interesting option. It improves the quality of muscle recovery and can reduce muscle pain. During Yoga or fitness training this gadget allows you to perform a lot of exercises.

The advantages of the Foam Roller massage roller

This massage tool offers a choice of two massage rollers. A hollow roller and a smaller one for use depending on the surface to be massaged. These two massage rollers are accompanied by two balls for even smaller corners. Made from PPE an eco-friendly material these rollers are tough at first but are very light.

How to use my Foam Roller massage roller

The principle of using the Foam Roller is to use the weight of the body to do self-massage. In fact it is a question of putting the roller below the part to be massaged such as: the arms the neck or the lower back. Then you have to stay in a position parallel to the part to be massaged for about a minute. This roller can also be rolled along the body during the massage.

The characteristics of the massage roller

  • Construction materials: 100% PPE
  • Roll dimension 1: 14 x 33cm
  • Roll size 2: 6 x 33cm
  • Peanut ball: 16 x 8cm
  • Spherical ball: 8 x 8cm



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