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The foam massage roller is often used in Yoga or Pilates classes with the aim of stretching the muscles and self-massage. Rolling your aching body on a foam roller is an effective and more affordable alternative to massage therapy. Foam roller or roller foam exercises are attracting more and more athletes and non-athletes for good reasons.

Why use the Mousse Knees massage roller?

The Knees foam massage roller is used for myofascial release . The fascia is a kind of “”band”” or a fibroelastic membrane made up of collagen fibers that surrounds and penetrates muscles nerves and bones. Each muscle fiber is enveloped by the fascia.

This is because this fascial relaxation is a form of manual therapy performed to relax sore muscles and joints. It is usually done after training for muscle recovery.

For a gentle massage opt for a massage roller with a smooth and comfortable foam.

In addition self-massage is an interesting alternative to practice in the evening before or after training if you do not want to hire a massage therapist. 

The advantages of the Mousse Knees massage roller

The Knees Foam Massage Roller is made up of five pieces of foam massage roller with different size shape and dimension.

The exercises on the foam rollers allow you to have more flexibility effectively reduce stress and body aches promote better blood circulation.

Self-massaging foam roller exercises help fight stiffness and muscle injuries.

Pilates balls peanut balls massage fitness ball available in different sizes and shapes are used for more selective massages . The neck arms ankles calves are the most targeted. These small devices but very impactful mainly target small areas of the body.

How to use the Knees foam massage roller?

Stay a few minutes on each zone to relax the muscles.

Do not hold your breath while moving breathe slowly and deeply as you roll.

For the upper back

As you sit for long hours for work it is important to relax your upper back.

To do this place the foam roller under your upper back. With your hands behind your head lift your hips off the floor and roll slowly from the top of your shoulder blades to the middle of your back.

For the quadriceps

After a “””” leg day “””” session doing squats and strengthening the lower body use a foam roller on your quadriceps.

Get into a lying position facing the floor. Put the foam roller under your thighs and start rolling from the top of the knees to the pelvic bone. During this exercise your body weight is then resting on your forearms. Your feet should not touch the ground and contract your abs as much as possible.

For the hamstrings and glutes

The hamstrings are usually stiff and the foam roller massage helps them to be more flexible. Sit on the floor and place the roll under your thighs. Your arms will then serve as support by adjusting the pressure you exert on the targeted areas according to your sensations. Then roll slowly from your knees to your butt for a good minute without holding your breath. You can do both legs at the same time then only one leg alternating one after the other. One leg on the roll the other bent with the heel on the floor.

For the iliotibial band (IT)

Problems with the iliotibial band often lead to pain in the knee and lower back. As a prevention work this part with a roller. While lying down facing the floor place one leg on top of the roller and the other opposite leg on the floor to maintain balance. Your weight then rests on the one above the roller and your forearm.

The characteristics of the massage roller

  • Massage roller for hamstrings adductors quadriceps glutes lumbar back calves.
  • 5 pieces of foam massage roller of different size shape and dimension:
  • 3cm * 15cm
  • 8cm * 8cm
  • 8cm * 16cm
  • 12cm * 24cm
  • 14cm * 33cm
  • Versatile and everyday companion.
  • Small rollers doing wonders in the field of massage.
  • 5 massage pieces to massage the areas to be treated independently.



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