FixaKnee knee brace




FixaKnee knee brace

  • Maintenance level:  Very High
  • Sports:   Hiking 
  • Product strengths:  Strong and light limited flexion / extension
  • Functions:  Avoids torsion hyper flexion and hyper extension.
  • Pathologies:  LCA LCP and both Meniscal Lesions.

Features of the FixaKnee knee brace

SLIP RESISTANT This knee immobilizer now has an adjustable anti-slip shoulder strap which can effectively prevent the slippage problem of the stand when walking on the ground.

SAFE AND COMFORTABLE: This leg immobilizer strap is fully sponge filled and latex free. It is made of soft and skin-friendly purified cotton as comfortable as a blanket you will forget its existence while wearing it. The hollow design of the patella is convenient for wound care.
Better pain relief and injured support.

The FixaKnee Knee Brace is made with heavy duty  metal bars that conform to the curve of the human body so that your legs do not bend but stay straight which restricts your leg movement to stabilize fix and protect the knee. It is suitable for knee sprains patella dislocations  ligament instabilities postoperative recovery and other knee and leg injuries.

EASY TO ADJUST Velcro straps allow easy positioning before wearing. And the high tensile buckle and lock straps are not easy to break and they are quick and easy to adjust.

When to use the FixaKnee orthosis

  • Cruciate ligament injuries (ACL LPC LMC LCL)
  • Meniscus repair
  • Patellar tendon repair
  • Perfectly suited to  sports rehabilitation 

The FixaKnee Knee Brace prevents unwanted leg movements and knee flexion providing needed support and pain relief thereby speeding up recovery in a safe and comfortable manner .



The FixaKnee knee brace is to be used in case of:

     – Ligament instabilities 

     – Low to intense impact sports activities 

     – Mild to moderate osteoarthritis associated with ligament instability 



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