Ergo Knees Double Comfort Orthopedic Cushion


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Tired of your knee pain?

Several studies show that the onset of chronic pain is due to a lack of sleep. Because you do not have a restful sleep it is impossible for you to release the tensions accumulated throughout the day which then causes pain and suffering that you may feel. Whether it’s a knee pain neck pain or lower back pain if you can’t sleep properly the pain will stay.

That’s why we designed the Ergo Knees Double Comfort Orthopedic Cushion. This memory foam pillow is specially designed for all your types of pain knee leg back or neck pain. Thanks to its soft and soft cushion you are sure to spend restful and pain-free nights. Indeed its shape memory cushion allows the pillow to adapt perfectly to your morphology. You will therefore be able to sleep or take a nap in your preferred position.

Because yes whatever your position it allows you to obtain a comfortable and pleasant sleeping posture throughout the night. The Ergo Knees Double Comfort Orthopedic Cushion then allows correct alignment of your spine hips and legs allowing it to dissipate and relieve pain.

For what types of pain is the Ergo Knees orthopedic cushion recommended by orthopedists?

This multi-use and multi-function cushion allows you among other things to:

  • Relieve your knee
  • Relieve your legs and thigh
  • Relieve the neck and back
  • Relieve the elbow during your reading moments

The Ergo Knees knee cushion relieves the back

In a lateral position place the orthopedic cushion between your legs and another cushion under the neck. This position is an effective treatment for lower back and back pain thanks to the alignment of your pelvis and spine.

The Ergo Knees knee cushion relieves the knee

If you have knees that are suffering from osteoarthritis arthritis bursitis or the like you can avoid the kneecap-to-kneecap shock by placing the orthopedic pad between the two knees. It can also relieve sciatica. The memory foam cushion helps reduce muscle pain and eliminate pressure points giving you a deeper night’s sleep at the same time.

The Ergo Knees knee pad allows better blood circulation

By placing the cushion under your knees the position allows you to promote blood circulation in your legs to prevent heavy or swollen legs. This position also helps reduce chronic knee pain if needed.

The characteristics of the Ergo Knees double comfort orthopedic cushion

  • 100% cotton and polyester
  • Shape memory
  • Size: 26cm * 21cm * 15cm
  • Available colors: White blue gray
  • Removable and machine washable cover



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