Elvx Patellar Knee Brace




Elvx Patellar Knee Brace

  • Maintenance level:  Moderate
  • Sports:  All Sports 
  • Product highlights:  Patella compression / fabric quality
  • Functions:  Muscle stimulation by compression of the kneecap
  • Pathologies:  Internal osteoarthritis and Hyperlaxity of the patella

Features of the Elvx Patellar Knee Brace

Knee Support Securing   Patella Gel adds EXTRAORDINARY SUPPORT AND COMPRESSION to the knee area to relieve pain and heal injuries.

AVAILABLE IN THREE DIFFERENT SIZES FOR BETTER FIT Measure thigh and calf circumference 5.5 “””” from CENTER of PATELE. Available in M L and XL for Men and Women.


Medium compression generally distributes pressure around the knee. Ideal for recovery from arthritis CML ACL PCL femoral pain syndrome tendon jumping knee surgery osteoarthritis tear bursitis injury ligament arthritis a torn meniscus instability sprain and strain.

When to use the Elvx Patellar Knee Brace

  • Mild fragility of the knee joint
  • Joint effusions
  • Post-operative inflammation 
  • Tendinopathy
  • Meniscus deformation
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • Gonarthrosis

AMAZING RESULTS – With unmatched support and durability you’ll love our compression knee sleeves – we guarantee it. Premium double stitched stitching and durable construction that doesn’t lose compression over time whether you’re running a half marathon playing your favorite sport or just going about your day –  without the throbbing pain . Take a few pairs for yourself or as a perfect gift for anyone who would like to have a little more support for their knees.





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