Electric Knees Massage Roller


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If you are a fan of yoga sports and massage the electric massage roller is currently very popular in the market. Indeed it is always pleasant to test new material if it provides well-being for the body. The electric massage roller differs from other massage rollers by its automation and vibrations. Do you want a massage with boosted efficiency with less effort? It is the ideal tool you need to relax and relax your muscles in depth. Used before or after a yoga session or intensive training your body is ready to excel thanks to the vibrations it sends to the areas to be massaged.

Why use the Knees electric massage roller?

This type of massage roller is called a quality roller. Indeed it is one of the massage rollers par excellence in terms of self-massage and myofascial release. Like all other types of rollers on the market it is used for warming up for relaxation or for recovery after a session of physical activity. Treating muscle pain improving blood circulation relieving the body from fatigue are its main functions.

The advantages of the Knees electric massage roller

The electric massage roller has vibration speeds: low medium high automatic for muscle relaxation. The role of vibration is to promote the action of the device for more flexibility mobility and recovery before and after training (cardio crossfit weight lifting yoga). The roller is programmed to stop automatically after ten minutes of work to better assess the time spent in peace. But also it effectively relaxes all parts of the body: the neck calves lower back thighs shoulders upper back buttocks quads. It can work statically and requires less effort by effectively releasing knots of muscle tension. For security reasons the electric massage tool has an automatic shut-off system. If you forgot to turn it off for example an intelligent shutdown system makes it possible to manage this forgetting by protecting the engine and the battery. This electric massage roller is rechargeable (wireless battery powered) and works in complete autonomy.

How to use the Knees electric massage roller?

First make sure the electric massage roller has been charged properly. Then just press the start button. Then choose from the desired vibration intensity levels. You can stay still while targeting a specific area but you can also rock back and forth with the roller. In addition the electric massage roller is used in almost the same way as other types of massage tools. Place the device below the area to be worked: under the neck back buttocks calves arms quads … The ideal time to warm up with this device is ten minutes but more than this for a real stretching or recovery massage. In addition avoid blocking your breathing during the massage this causes discomfort and tension.

The characteristics of the massage roller

  • Electric vibration foam massage roller for yoga gym
  • Rechargeable and adjustable EPP
  • Black color
  • Overall dimension: 17-3 / 10 “””” L x 5-9 / 10 “””” W x 5-9 / 10 “””” H (L44cm x W15cm x H15cm) Input power: 100-240V 50 / 60Hz
  • Output power: 9V 1000mA
  • Battery: 7.4V 2200mA h
  • Power supply: rechargeable type
  • Battery capacity 7.4V 2200mAh
  • Electricity quantity: AC100-240V (50 / 60Hz) 0.28A
  • Charging time: about 3.5 hours (full of electricity)
  • Battery life: from 50 minutes to 180 minutes
  • Fixed usage time: About 10 minutes running time but 1 hour if fully charged.
  • High Intensity Vibratory Roller 17 
  • 4 speed settings – low / medium / high levels and an automatic speed level 100% eco-friendly lightweight operation
  • Simple one-touch 100% eco-friendly lightweight and elastic powered by rechargeable lithium battery
  • 10-minute automatic shutdown

Charging method:

  • 1. Body charging port connected to the charging head.
  • 2. Charging socket connected to the household socket.
  • 3. Start of Charge 1 light.
  • 4. After charging 4 lights all bright.
  • 5. After charging please dial the charging head.



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