Elastic Ligament Knee Brace – Ultimate.Knees ™




 Elastic Ligament Knee Brace – Ultimate.Knees ™

Flexible compressive ligament knee support  to speed up the resumption of daily or sports activities

  • Maintenance:  Class 3 compression + side stays for good support
  • Pathologies:  Benign knee sprain Functional sequelae of sprains
  • Strong Point : Protects & Stabilizes the knee + 2nd skin effect slips on like a sleeve (fine and breathable seams)

It is the ideal solution for your sports and fitness activities. Protect your knees while enjoying the activities you love!
The results obtained are measured through a medical study which indicates the following results:
  • Ligament knee pads are designed for a full range of motion and full protection.
  • Breathable fabric gives you a soft touch all day and night!
  • Exclusive knitted design suitable for all types of joints.
  • Provide you with the best support for your knees whether during workouts or ordinary daily activities.
  • Reduces odors and quickly absorbs perspiration.
  • Dual Silicone Non-Slip Design – Provides the best compression and fits snugly so you don’t have to adjust it while exercising. It doesn’t roll or slip.
  • Premium fabric that maintains a comfortable seal temperature.
  • EXTREME PROTECTION; Fits snugly around the knees and distributes pressure evenly  
SUPERIOR QUALITY: Our knee pads are made with breathable compression fabrics and absorbent materials.
Limits lateral movements hyper flexion and extension
Pain easily arrives at our knees do not hesitate to protect them to prevent stronger pain!
Adapts perfectly to the knees
Ligament knee pads are designed to be non-slip and adjust well so they always stay in place no matter what the physical activity.
Provides enough support for you to play demanding sports like basketball soccer volleyball running tennis weight lifting and more.
  • for runners joggers or athletes.
  • Weightlifters or weightlifters who engage in intensive workouts.
  • Adolescents who play sports or the elderly who suffer from knee pain due to aging or arthritis and have difficulty climbing stairs or moving around.
  • Construction workers or nurses who have to stand for long hours or professional athletes who cannot avoid the strain.
  • A design that is suitable for women as well as men and children.






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