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Do you have sudden knee pain that prevents you from sleeping well?

Like thousands of French people before you you may not be able to get a deep sleep due to persistent pain in your knees back pain or even neck pain. This is all the more worrying since to relieve joint pain muscle pain or sciatica rest and restful sleep are very important. Indeed having a good sleep is essential to help your metabolism to recover and to relieve your tensions.

This is why our sports medicine engineers have specially designed the Dodo Knees orthopedic cushion for you to put between the legs. This cushion with an ergonomic design is perfect to help you get a good night’s sleep. With shape memory it adapts perfectly to your morphology and is easy to use since it is enough to wedge it between your two legs to maintain them and reduce your pain. An attachment strap is also available to help with support if needed so that the cushion does not shift while you sleep and you can sleep well.

Why put the pillow between the Dodo Knees legs?

This orthopedic pillow fits comfortably between the legs to help you fall asleep while relieving pain. It provides support for your legs and spine as well as maximum comfort thanks to its very soft touch cover. This knee pad is for you if:

  • You have tension in your spine and back
  • You need to support your legs while you sleep because of heavy or swollen legs
  • You suffer from knee diseases such as osteoarthritis arthritis bursitis or other knee effusion

  • You regularly experience physical stress
  • You have problems with your other joints such as the ankle neck elbow hips pelvis etc …
  • Perfectly suitable for a pregnant woman as a pregnancy pillow

Be careful however this knee cushion is not a miracle cure. It will not take away all of your pain instantly. But with regular use it can help reduce your pain. For effective treatment consulting a doctor is very important.

The characteristics of the Dodo Knees cushion between the legs for sleeping

  • Polyester and cotton manufacturing
  • High quality shape memory
  • Size: 25.5cm * 18cm * 18cm
  • Detachable cover with a zip
  • Easy machine maintenance of the cover
  • It is not advisable to wash the cushion



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