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Tired of restless sleep or unpleasant knee pain?

The Comfort Knees ergonomic knee cushion will be the perfect partner by your side for quality sleep and pain-free nights. Whether it’s for simple knee pain osteoarthritis patellar tendon or ligament discomfort this orthopedic knee pad offers your legs the perfect support in all circumstances. With shape memory it is the ideal ergonomic pillow for restful sleep!

The advantages that enabled Confort Knees to be elected the orthopedic cushion of the year 2020

  • An ergonomic orthopedic cushion with shape memory to adapt to your morphology
  • An orthopedic cushion that serves as an extension of your spine for lumbar and back support but also your legs and your knee
  • An orthopedic cushion that eliminates any friction between the kneecaps of your knees to avoid uncomfortable pain
  • A comfortable and multi-function orthopedic pillow. The pillow slips easily under the neck under the elbow under the knee the leg or the ankles.

An effective and pleasant knee cushion

Thanks to shape memory technology this orthopedic cushion adapts to your body and whatever your position. No more having to stay still for fear of hurting yourself or waking up pain with the Comfort Knees cushion you can move freely and sleep in your favorite positions. So you will be able to change your position during the night and during your sleep as you see fit. And you will be able to bend and unfold your knee without causing terrible pain to your body. Finally the cushion is soft and breathable thanks to multiple internal openings allowing ventilation and avoiding odors.

Use case of the orthopedic shape memory cushion

As mentioned below you will be able to use the pillow in many situations in everyday life.

  • A separator cushion for your legs
  • a pillow to relieve your neck and other neck pain
  • A cushion to lift your legs up to improve blood circulation
  • Lumbar or elbow support when lying on your side
  • a support block

In short once tested you will not be able to do without the Comfort Knees orthopedic cushion. It is also strongly recommended by physiotherapists and other orthopedists to relieve various knee ailments.

Other features of the Comfort Knees cushion

  • 100% polyester and cotton
  • Memory foam pillow
  • Weight: 344g
  • Size: 25cm * 15.5cm * 23cm
  • Easy maintenance thanks to a machine washable cover



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