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The Burn Knees Warm Knee Brace is infrared heating therapy equipment. It helps to treat several knee diseases. It was designed to keep the joints warm. It is recommended and prescribed in case of knee pain joint pain or during the rehabilitation or recovery phase. The Burn Knees Warm Knee Brace provides support and pain relief using heat therapy.

When to use the Burn Knees knee brace?

Thanks to infrared heating the Burn Knees warm knee brace can treat various pains. The purpose of this device is for example to relieve knee ailments by heat therapy. Here are some knee conditions requiring the use of the warm knee brace:

  • Arthritis: it is an inflammation of the joints.
  • Knee bursitis is inflammation of the bursa which is a small sac filled with fluid which acts as pads in the joints.
  • The tear of the meniscus: the meniscus is a slice of cartilage
  • half-moon shaped that sits between the articular surfaces of two bones. This tear is characterized by cracking noises at the knee.

  • Sprained knee is a tear rupture of ligaments in a joint
  • Rehabilitation or surgical recovery: after a ligamentous knee or the knee with a ruptured ligament.
  • Fatigue and muscle cramp: when you notice an involuntary and painful contraction of the muscles.

With the Burn Knees Hot Knee Brace these conditions can be treated with either heat therapy or cold therapy depending on the nature of your pain and the doctor’s indications. Using the Burn Knees Self-Heating Knee Brace heat or ice will be applied to the area to be treated for optimal relief and comfort.

The benefits of the Burn Knees warm knee brace

There are many benefits to using the Burn Knees Warm Knee Brace:

  • The recommended temperature settings can be customized to your needs.
  • It can be used if a hot or cold compress is needed. Hot compression for muscle cramps or contractures and cold compression to reduce joint swelling.
  • This hot / cold knee brace can also be used on other parts of the body such as the arms thighs calves. It is important to note that a healthy knee joint is naturally cold. However when the knee is in pain it becomes hot and swollen. It must therefore be frozen regularly hence the cold therapy and the cold compress. This cold therapy is done through the use of an integrated mesh bag. Inside it it is possible to put an ice pack for the cold compress.

The benefits of the Burn Knees warm knee brace

The Burn Knees Warm Knee Brace heats the joints in record time. Heat has a big role to play in the absence of inflammation or redness. The Burn Knees knee brace provides very comfortable heat therapy or cold therapy. It keeps the knees warm. Indeed heating a painful area more stimulates blood circulation and has an analgesic effect. On the other hand the ice contained in the integrated mesh stops inflammation and reduces swelling or swelling. It has a numbing effect.

The features of the Burn Knees warm knee brace

You can use the USB cable that came with the knee brace and plug it into a computer to start the Burn Knees brace heating mode. In case you connect the knee switch to an electrical outlet greater than 500mA the temperature may be higher than the measurements below. So you can have more heat. Use the hottest red hot temperature of 111.2 to 44 ° C at the settings for a very hot long lasting heat source. For long-term use where the temperature is around 105.8 ° C / 41 ° C this is the average temperature in white but also warm. The lowest temperature in blue is 100.4 at 38 °. It’s lukewarm temperature. “”


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