Back and knee orthopedic cushion Lumbar Knees




Frequent back pain or knee pain?

Do you suffer from recurring pain in your back and knees? The Lumbar Knees Back and Knee Orthopedic Cushion is what you need to relieve all your pain. This inflatable cushion is really practical for dealing with lower back pain or heavy legs. Among other things it will allow you to keep your legs in the air in order to promote blood circulation in your organs and thus relieve the pain that you may feel in the lower back and legs.

Easy to inflate by mouth or pump you can take it everywhere with you since once deflated its small dimensions allow you to carry it wherever you go. Otherwise you just need to use it while lying on your back on your sofa. To test it is to approve it!

For which symptoms can I use the Lumbar Knees orthopedic back and knee cushion?

Physiologists and orthopedists recommend this airbag for the following pains:

  • Heavy or tired legs
  • Swollen or swollen knee
  • Osteoarthritis Arthritis bursitis
  • Other knee inflammations
  • Neck and neck tension
  • Back pain and more particularly in the lower back (sciatica lumbago)

It is an ideal cushion to help you recover after an operation or knee surgery.

The characteristics of the Lumbar Knees orthopedic cushion

  • Material: Very soft touch velor coated PVC
  • Size: 25cm * 50cm * 40cm
  • Blue color
  • Easy maintenance with a damp cloth. Do not machine wash.



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