Atlex sport knee brace




Atlex sport knee brace

  • Support level:  Light to Moderate
  • Sports: team  sports Running Hiking Golf Trail
  • Product highlights:  Patellar massage pad
  • Functions:  Knee compression Patella support
  • Pathologies:  Chronic edema Patellar tendinopathy Sprain Joint effusions and swelling Anterior pain syndrome of the knee

Features of the Atlex sport knee brace

The Atlex knee  brace  supports the knee during a slight sprain  or  quadriceps atrophy . It also helps increase  proprioception thus preventing injury. It acts by stimulating sensitive receptors in the periarticular position.

Thanks to its anatomical shape and its two-way elastic knitting it provides some support to the knee. Finally it has a  loose mesh  which makes it comfortable to wear. It also has a loose mesh at the level of the kneecap which allows  edema to be retained .   

When to use the Atlex sport knee brace

  • Light support for the treatment of edema.
  • Knee support in case of lesions slight sprain.
  • Muscle weakness or knee osteoarthritis.

The manufacture of this knee brace ensures a unique anatomical adaptation and its shape allows a certain and ideal range of movement. It creates both mental and physical security that helps your body move forward towards strength not injury. This knee brace will guide your body to move properly without limiting muscle development around the knee. It combines the major advantages of stability compression and warmth.






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