ArthGo arthritis knee brace




ArthGo osteoarthritis knee brace

  • Maintenance level:  Moderate
  • Sports:  All Sports 
  • Product highlights:  Patella compression / fabric quality
  • Functions:  Muscle stimulation by compression of the kneecap
  • Pathologies:  Internal osteoarthritis and Chronic knee instability

Features of the ArthGo Knee Brace

MORE FEATURES THAN A COMPRESSION PIN Stabilizer Bars and Patella Gel add EXTRAORDINARY SUPPORT AND COMPRESSION to the knee area to relieve pain and heal injuries.

AVAILABLE IN THREE DIFFERENT SIZES FOR BETTER FIT Measure thigh and calf circumference 5.5 “””” from CENTER of PATELE. Available in M L and XL for Men and Women.

SOFT KNITTED BREATHABLE FABRIC WITH NON-SLIP SILICONE STRIPS For Cycling Tennis Crossfit Volleyball Jogging Powerlifting Skateboarding Triathlon Walking Hiking Wrestling Skiing Golf soccer zumba rock climbing gymnastics weight lifting yoga squats baseball soccer bodybuilding martial arts running dance gymnastics exercise and other ATHLETIC fitness sports.

THE COMFORT AND PAIN PACKAGE makes it ideal for daily use for ACL PCL CML injuries swelling ARTHRITIS BURSITIS TENDONITIS and post-surgical protection . Also prevents injury and reduces inflammation. Go back to your activities.

When to use the ArthGo osteoarthritis knee brace

  • Irritation of soft tissues especially in cases of knee osteoarthritis (chronic post-traumatic and post-operative enthesopathy and tendinomyopathy)
  •  Gonalgia in case of functional instability following muscle imbalances
  •  Patellar instability
  •  Internal compartment osteoarthritis
  •  Recurrent joint effusions

Get back to playing sports safely

The ArthGo sleeve stays in place during movement – non-slip silicone bands that keep the sleeve in place during all kinds of activities. Measure accurately to ensure a good fit.

Enjoy your favorite sports or activities again.

Best Exercise Support – All day comfort minimizes knee pain no matter what the activity.





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