AirPop Patellar Compression



AirPop Patellar Compression

  • Support level:  Light
  • Sports: Team  sports Running Hiking Water sports
  • Strengths:  Compressive neoprene silicone cushion
  • Functions:  Prevention Patellar tendon compression
  • Pathologies:  Patellar tendonitis Osgood-Schlatter

The AirPop Patella Strap is designed to provide mild compression under the kneecap to help relieve discomfort and pain associated with overuse injuries such as runner’s knee chondromalacia patella (CMP) femoral pain syndrome -patellar (PFPS) jumper’s knee and patellar tendonitis.

Features of AirPop Patellar Compression

REDUCE PAIN – Relieve Symptoms of Patellar Tendinitis (Runner / Jumper Knee) Arthritis Arthiritis Osgood-Schlatter Disease and more.

ONE SIZE FOR ALL – Adjustable hook and loop closure for a custom fit. Suitable for left knee and right knee.

COMFORT – The innovative non-slip tubular buttress applies uniform and constant compression to the patellar tendon .

MADE FOR – Perfect for walking running hiking soccer biking basketball soccer volleyball and more.

Tubular insert

The tubular insert improves patellar tracking and relieves pain due to frequent running and jumping.

Heat-sealed silicone heel under a double-layered polyester comfort liner

The kneecap strap should be snug yet comfortable and provide good support. It can be worn during activity or while resting. Use as needed for added comfort and support.




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